Meet the team at Kuter Accounting

Eljo Kuter - Kuter Accounting

Eljo Kuter - Team Leader

Eljo has a wealth of accounting and tax knowledge and experience.  

  • National Diploma in Accounting and Finance  
  • Advanced Taxation (RAU)  
  • Previous SARS employee 17 years  
  • General Tax Practioner (GTP(SA) G080249)  
  • Accounting Officer  
  • Commissioner of Oath
  • Tax practitioner: PR0020331
  • SAIT GTP(SA) 10862639

ELANA ZANDBERG - Bookkeeper and Payroll services

Elana has extensive knowledge in bookkeeping and reconciliations.

  • She is highly organized and enjoy working with numbers!
  • She will turn your numbers into a meaningful interpretation tool.