We offer you a service that is convenient, reliable, quick and with more than 16 years of experience as previous SARS employees.

This services includes:

  • Provisional Tax for Business and Individuals
  • Income Tax for Business and Individuals
  • Completion of Individual Tax returns
  • Submit Tax returns to SARS (obtain proof of receipt)
  • Correspondence and negotiations with SARS as needed.
Our aim is to achieve a fast turnaround time in personal tax returns.


Our bookkeeping services offers you:

Process data which includes:

  • Bank Cashbook, Bank Reconciliation, Petty Cash Cashbook, Petty Cash Reconciliation, Debtors Invoicing, Debtors Statements, Creditors Invoices, Creditors Reconciliations and Journal.

Monthly reports issued:

  • Balance Sheet, - Income Statement (Year To Date), Income Statement (Per Month vs. Budget), Trial Balance (Year To Date), Debtors' Age Analysis, Creditors' Age Analysis, Creditor's Payment Summary, Bank Reconciliation, Petty Cash Reconciliation, Cashbook Payments, Cashbook Receipts, VAT Report, Sales Analysis (Per Month), Sales Analysis Per Customer (Per Month), Sales Analisys Per Customer (Year To Date), Salary & Wage Register.

Pre-audit financial statements.


We offer weekly and monthly payroll services and includes:

  • Salaries and Wages are calculated provided by client.
  • Deductions calculated.
  • Print payslips.
  • PAYE / SDL / UIF (EMP201) Returns completed and submitted to SARS.


  • Registering for PAYE / SDL / UIF (additional fee).

Business Registrations

Kuter Accounting can offer you registration services for the following:

  • VAT
  • PAYE
  • UIF
  • SDL
  • Companies
  • WCA: Worker Compensation
  • Tax registration for individuals

Monthly Returns

Kuter Accounting will complete and submit the following registrations on your behalf:

  • VAT:
    We take the hassle out of VAT returns by:
    - Calculating VAT Payable or Refundable
    - Completing and submitting to SARS VAT return (VAT201)
  • PAYE
    - Done on the 7th of every month
    - Calculate and submit EMP201
  • UIF

Other services

Some of the other services we offer include:

  • Income confirmation letters
  • BEE letters
  • TCC certificates
  • Revise assessment (IT34) in case of a dispute with SARS result
  • Avoid queues at SARS
  • Communication with SARS on your behalf.